Warranty Support

Warranty Support

This policy document provides information and procedures laid down by ZKTeco for handling repair of hardware products, which are subject to ZKTeco's terms of the Warranty Policy.

Repair of products under warranty: All products returned for repair within the warranty period will be repaired or exchanged free of charge provided:

• The product(s) are returned to Company within the warranty period
• Provided that on ZKTeco’s inspection of returned products that the defect is not a result of accident, misuse, neglect, alteration, water damage, lightning damage, voltage surge damage or other improper use.

Non-warranty repair or exchange of products: Products returned for repair are only available on currently manufactured products and provided that the cost of repair does not exceed the cost of replacement. In the case where a product cannot be repaired it will be returned to the customer at their expense detailing the reasons for this action. For repairs outside of warranty a standard minimum booking in charge per unit will be levied as set forth in the price schedule contained in this document. The ZKTeco staff will send the customer a quotation on the cost of the parts that need to be replaced and then will seek written authorisation and a purchase order number to proceed with the repair prior to the repair being completed.

Procedure for returning products for repair: Prior to returning any product for a repair, the customer must complete a Repair Fault Report obtained from ZKTeco or a self generated fault report from the customer themselves. The Company will not accept the return of any product for a repair without this form. This form must contain a detailed explanation of the fault including the circumstances and environment the fault occurred in. An extra fault finding charge of R75.00 ex VAT per item will be levied if the “Repair Fault Report” form is not submitted with the repairs.

Shipping: The hardware product must be couriered to and from the ZKTeco office and the shipping cost must be pre paid and is not the responsibility of ZKTeco.

Insurance: The customer should ensure that the consignment is correctly insured whilst in transit to the ZKTeco offices. ZKTeco assumes no liability for loss or damages to a product during transit.

Product configuration: Products returned for repair or exchange will be upgraded to the latest product build revision unless otherwise previously agreed upon in writing. The Company reserves the right to refuse to repair or exchange any product that has been modified in any way from the original product specification. ZKTeco shall not be responsible for damages or loss of data contained in the product, which has been added by the customer to a product returned for repair.

Charges for repair: As previously mentioned, if charges are applicable, the customer must submit a purchase order number that accompanies the signed quotation sent by the ZKTeco staff for the applicable repairs. The customer must prepay all shipment charges to and from the ZKTeco offices, including insurance charges.


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