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CirrusDCS (Data Collection Service) for Workforce Management is a time clock management solution that enables bi-directional data transfer between ZKTeco time clocks and any third-party workforce management software application, using the CirrusDCS API. An automation process running in the cloud streamlines both the deployment of employee data for use at individual terminals and the validation and collection of workforce data for automated, secure and near real-time delivery to any workforce management system. CirrusDCS can support thousands of customers and can retrieve hundreds of thousands or millions of employee punches per day, assuring accurate collection of data in any environment.

Expedite Time to Market

Typically, it takes many months, if not years, to build a device management solution to work with a specific brand of time clocks, especially without dedicated development resources. Our CirrusDCS API can be implemented in a few weeks, enabling our partners to get to market quickly, with significant cost savings.

Ensure Data Accuracy

With rule-based device management, employee identity and punch data are immediately validated against work and pay rules at the terminal, enabling your end customer to minimize unauthorized labor expense and manage compliance.

Increase Time Clock Visibility

View employee and time clock activity at a glance with the one-stop dashboard, including punch data, employee updates such as new hires, terminations and transfers, and clock status and utilization. React to terminal problems and employee issues immediately with real-time monitoring and notifications.



Scalable, Reliable Architecture

Our multi-tenant infrastructure can support thousands of clocks per instance, while our multi-zone setup provides failover and redundancy capability. Our cloud-based hosting environment enables rapid horizontal scaling for immediate system deployment support and is constantly monitored 24x7 by an expert team of industry professionals.

At-a-Glance Dashboard

The CirrusDCS dashboard provides the modularized system with overall operation summary reports, including terminal connection status, daily employee update information from the workforce management system, and employee daily punch summary, giving support teams a clean, clear visualization of the system’s operational status.

Enterprise-Level Security

CirrusDCS utilizes Amazon AWS cloud-based security management and OWASP best practices to provide maximum security on system and data accountability, integrity and availability.

Remote Management

Support users can perform clock maintenance, troubleshoot issues, and conduct firmware and app upgrades centrally from the hosted system in real-time without the need to physically access each individual device.

Notifications & Alerts

A notification process running on the hosted system provides real-time communication to support teams whenever any integration failure, urgent issue or security alert occurs that requires immediate action.


Scheduled monitoring jobs are run on the hosted system to automatically monitor each clock’s operational status, and to notify support users when a clock goes online or offline, while visualization tools can be used to analyze clock performance such as availability history for each clock.

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