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With our 20+ years of time management experience, our qualified team of business analyst, programmers, technical engineers, and our customer-focused US team, we offer our workforce management software partners the custom products and solutions they need to meet their own customers’ unique requirements.

Software Development Services

Support for our time management products – with your software requirements.

Time clock application: Adapt the TimeTrack Android application or the Linux Firmware to coincide with specific terminal functionality needed by your workforce management solution.

Cirrus DCS features: Customize our middleware service to function in your environment and with your solution.

Data Communication API: Develop additional communication protocol needed for your workforce management software to communicate with the ZK API.

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Legacy Hardware Support

Keep your old clocks ticking

ZKTeco manufactures a range of time clocks based on relationships with partners who request a custom hardware design that meets specific aesthetic, functional, or cost goals.

Since these products are manufactured for specific partner relationships, ZKTeco will continue to source these products based on the needs of those companies and their end users, and intends to continue to directly support ongoing technical and manufacturing driven requirements. If you require any modification or customization to maintain or improve your custom data collection terminal, ZKTeco can help.


Product training that meets the needs of our partners’ technical and support teams

  • Become a product expert
  • Support your corporate team, customers, and installers
  • Best practices for using the ZKTeco data collection service, hardware and software products
  • Tailor courses to your requirements
  • Remote or on-site training
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