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We offer time clock options that work with any industry application, and any business requirement.



As the leading workforce data collection terminal manufacturer in the world, our large shipment volumes of more than 2 million units per year enable us to obtain significant cost advantages throughout the supply chain, savings which we pass on to our partners. Our next-generation workforce data collection terminals are manufactured and designed with an emphasis on quality, extensive technical support, and full backward compatibility, ensuring that every device owner enjoys a long product life cycle and full control of “end of life” scenarios.


ZK terminals can handle a large number of transactions and ID templates, depending on which device is chosen, and our interchangeable product portfolio makes it easy to add new terminals, integrate with one device now and switch to a more advanced model as needs change, or deploy multiple models at the same time without additional development work.


We ship the hardware devices to our partners directly, with everything needed for setup and wall mount included in the box, while our SDKs give partners full control over the development process. Equipped with push technology, our devices can begin sending data immediately, in real-time, once they are connected to power supply and the internet.


For our partners who either don’t have the time or development resources they need, or want to reduce integration time in order to bring their product to market more quickly, we offer our own time clock application TimeTrack, middleware for device management CirrusDCS and additional development tools and services. ZKTeco offers resources to assist our partners in every stage of the implementation process.


With an automated approach to data collection, our partners and customers can eliminate error-prone manual data transfer and reconciliation processes, while our proprietary matching algorithm completes both 1:1 and 1:N verification in less than 2 seconds. And, for even more accuracy, partners and customers can choose biometric identification, including standard and multispectral fingerprint sensors as well as facial recognition technology, which protects employee information and eliminates costly buddy punching.


Go beyond time & attendance with Ultima, our new, 7-inch touch-screen workforce data management terminal. Designed for maximum flexibility, the Ultima offers multiple choices for data collection, and enables partners to choose the combination of external features that best fits their business needs.

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