Facial Recognition Terminals
Dual Mode Biometric
Facial Recognition & Fingerprint + Proximity Card Reader
uFace 800
Dual Mode Biometric
Facial Recognition & Proximity Card Reader

Flexible and Secure – Proximity and Biometric Identification in One Device

On the cutting edge of biometrics, our touch-screen, dual-mode biometric terminals provide security for the most vulnerable security environments with facial recognition and fingerprint readers, while allowing flexibility with an additional proximity data collection option.

Face800 is a flexible, feature-rich time clock that provides a dual mode biometric system in which the facial recognition imaging system is augmented with a fingerprint biometric. This allows the end user to choose one biometric or enable dual-factor biometric authentication if desired.

F300 is a powerful facial recognition system based on the use of IR light, which makes it impervious to external lighting conditions or sources. In addition to the facial recognition imaging system, features include a touch screen and card reader interface. End users will benefit from its ease-of-use and fast recognition speed.

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