US15 Series
ZK Sensor        Lumidigm Sensor             RFID

ZK Fingerprint Sensor,
Proximity Card Reader  &  PIN

HID Lumidigm Fingerprint Sensor,
Proximity Card Reader  &  PIN

Proximity Card Reader  &  PIN

A More Advanced Option for Your Data Collection Needs

The US905 product family goes beyond check-in and check-out for sites with more complex data collection needs - with a larger 3.5-inch screen, 8 customizable function keys and expanded transaction capacity, while fingerprint authentication provides increased security.

Standard Functions

  • Wi-Fi as a standard feature on all devices
  • User friendly UI and menu system design
  • Hardware level clock authentication
  • Support for local and external data/system back up
  • User level duplicate punch prevention
  • Tip entry support
  • Multiple level job code support
  • Customizable user access control privileges
  • Enhanced network security
  • Web server support as a standard function
  • Automatic status key switch
  • Self-Service API
  • 9 Digits User ID
  • Daylight savings time
  • Customizable bell schedules
  • Private or public SMS messaging support
  • USB-host
  • User attendance search
  • PUSH and Standalone SDK compatibility with TFT 2.0
  • Enhanced encryption system for data integrity and security
  • Enhanced flexibility on attendance and function keys
is905-ZK Sensor


Fingerprint & Standard RFID Prox Card Reader and PIN


Fingerprint & Standard HID Prox Card Reader and PIN

is905-ZK Sensor
is905-ZK Sensor


Standard RFID Prox Card Reader and PIN


Standard HID Prox Card Reader and PIN

is905-ZK Sensor



ID Cards: 10,000
Transactions: 200,000
Fingerprint templates: 8,000

Fingerprint Sensor



3.5 in. TFT Color Screen


Ethernet, Serial RS 232/RS 485, USB (host & client), Wi-Fi



Optional: 12V POE injector
Optional: 12V Battery Backup


Operating Temperature: 32° F to 113° F (0° C to 45° C)
Operating Humidity: 5% to 80%


Width: 8.1 in. (20.5 cm)
Height: 5.7 in. (14.5 cm)
Depth: 1.9 in. (4.75 cm)
Weight: 1.15 lbs. (0.52 kg)

Supported Devices

S905-ID: Fingerprint and standard RFID prox reader
S905-HID: Fingerprint and standard HID prox reader
S905R: Standard RFID prox reader
S905R-HID: Standard HID prox reader

Terminals by Technology

We have a wide selection of employee time-track terminals for small businesses and large enterprises.  Our terminals include a variety of technologies, biometric, proximity, multi-card, and portable to choose from.
Fingerprint Scanners
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S-905 with fingerprint reader
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US15 Series
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US-905 Series
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US15 Series
US15 Series

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