A Flexible, Secure and Powerful Workforce Management Terminal

Designed and built for today’s workforce; Ultima features an intuitive display, a robust operating system and flexible features that allow for a streamlined time clock integration that reduces time to market and increases margins.



Our flexible approach to time clock design combined with our wide variety of terminals enables our partners and customers to configure their terminals with the features they need, and none they don’t. Design modularity allows immediate assembly of features as needed to meet end-user requirements. Features can be added at the time of order to minimize lead time and assure compatibility.

High Quality

From our carefully-selected, locally-sourced components to our US-based, testing and support, we ensure the highest quality device and the longest life cycle on the market today. And, with the addition of biometrics including SilkID, also from ZKTeco, the platform meets enterprise employee validation requirements, whether alone or in conjunction with presented cards or PINs.


With the Android operating platform in place, our partners are now empowered to provide the enhanced security and rich feature set that their enterprise clients demand and can keep pace with new market developments. With Ultima, workforce management software providers can prime their business for the future – and the future of their clients.

Touch-Free Time Clock Capability

Ultima with Facial Recognition Module + Infrared thermometer*

  • Facial biometric identification up to 30,000 users
  • Identify registered users in less than one seconds
  • Remote Body Temperature Detection
  • Multi-dimensional facial recognition technology
  • Intelligent algorithm which self-adjusts templates with any feature changes in the user’s appearance
  • Adapts to low light and environments
  • Mask* detection technology to identify if an employee is wearing a mask.

* Optional


Fingerprint biometric options to meet any challenges

Silk Fingerprint Sensor & Standard Prox Card Reader and PIN

Silk ID
  • Touch based optical fingerprint module
  • Superior ability to capture large, high quality fingerprint images and to reject spoof fingerprints in hardware
  • FBI PVI and Mobile ID certification (FAP20)

Badge reader options that works with all major technologies

Ultima with Card Reader Module

  • FMulti-frequency card reader supports all current RFID standards for the frequency ranges 125kHz and 134.2 kHz as well as the 13.56 MHz band, including NFC
  • Barcode badge reader
  • Magnetic stripe card reader
  • Standard Prox

Configurable Options


Face ID










Voice Command

Be our Partner

Partners can choose to develop their own Time Clock application with the Linux or Android platform, or can license ZKTeco’s TimeTrack Android Application Ultima scales to virtually any environment and application.

High Return on Investment

Terminals by Technology

We have a wide selection of employee time-track terminals for small businesses and large enterprises.  Our terminals include a variety of technologies, biometric, proximity, multi-card, and portable to choose from.
Fingerprint Scanners
ULTIMA with fingerprint reader
S-905 with fingerprint reader
Fingerprint Scanners
US15 Series
uFACE 800
Fingerprint Scanners
uFace402 Plus
Facial Recognition
ULTIMA with Facial Recognition Module
ULTIMA with Facial Recognition Module + Infrared Thermometer
Facial Recognition
VF 300
uFACE 800
Facial Recognition
uFace401 Plus
Palm Print Recognition
uFace401 Plus
uFace402 Plus
MultiCard Readers
ULTIMA Baecode
MultiCard Readers
ULTIMA Magnetic Card Reader
US-905 Series
MultiCard Readers
US15 Series
US15 Series

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