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ZKTeco, a renowned developer and manufacturer of workforce data collection terminals in the world, delivers superior quality hardware, full-featured embedded device software, and a suite of software development tools and services that enable both industry partners and Workday Time Tracking customers to maximize the return on investment in their workforce data collection systems.

Industry Expertise

  • With over a decade in experience of helping our time and attendance and workforce management software partners worldwide, ZKTeco has developed an extensive knowledge of the entire data collection process.
  • Our partners and Workday end-user customers benefit from our deep expertise in hardware, software, and integration processes. Our innovative product design and large-scale manufacturing capabilities make ZKTeco solutions the most cost-effective and high-quality enterprise-class data collection products on the market.

A Comprehensive Suite of Data Collection Solutions

  • We don’t just sell terminals – we offer development tools and services for every stage of the data collection process.
  • We support many different end user and business activity scenarios, including customized business features for any industry and technical design support for partners interested in innovating their own time-clock-based applications.
  • With our modular approach, companies can deploy the combination of hardware, software, and solutions that best meets their needs.
  • We have the flexibility, knowledge, and the design and production capabilities to meet any requirements.

A Certified Solution Partner for Workday

  • The first workforce data collection vendor to become a certified solution partner for Workday Workforce Management.
  • As a Workday Certified partner, ZKTeco has completed Workday Time Tracking installations covering a large range of business sizes and types
  • Most cost effective and flexible data collection solution for Workday Workforce Management end customers.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership and Rapid ROI

  • Our economies of scale in manufacturing and rapid design cycle, combined with our time-saving software development tools, solutions and services, enable us to provide the most cost-effective data collection solutions on the market to our customers and partners.

Full-Scale Manufacturing Process

  • ZKTeco’s large factory and advanced production machinery enables us to control all manufacturing and quality control processes, and allows us to develop and produce our proprietary biometric optic technologies in-house.
  • Because we develop and manufacture our devices internally, ZKTeco can produce in large volumes, driving economies of scale, favorable vendor relationships, strong component purchasing power and full control of ‘end-of-life’ scenarios ensuring multi-year product life expectancy.

Committed North American Presence

  • ZKTeco supports our North American customer base from our US headquarters, located close to New York City in Piscataway, New Jersey.
  • All sales, engineering, technical support, design, development, integration, and project management services for our Workday Time & Absence Management solutions are managed from our US office, ensuring the highest quality service for our customers.
  • Our new, next-generation data collection solution, Ultima, was developed at our US headquarters and uses locally sourced components to ensure the highest quality and longest product life cycle of any data collection device on the market.
  • By leveraging ZKTeco’s solutions, our partners and customers can get to market faster, minimizing the development risks and costs.
  • With our customer-first support and long product life cycle, both partners and customers can maximize their return on investment in both ZKTeco products and their entire workforce management solution.

Biometric Innovation

From industry-leading fingerprint algorithms to multi-biometric solutions, to ground-breaking fingerprint matching panels and embedded HD IP cameras with long-range facial identification functionality, ZKTeco has pioneered the development of biometric identification technologies for more than 20 years. The largest biometric data collection device provider in the world, we manufacture our own biometric optical sensors for inclusion in our hardware devices, and utilize our proprietary algorithm to offer a fully integrated yet cost-efficient biometric solution. With strong support for both third-party biometric products and our own solutions, we enable our partners and customers to select the combination of employee identification options that is most suited to their unique business needs.

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