BUSTED: The Top 4 Time Clock Myths – and what they mean to HCM and workforce management sales cycle

According to a recent study, 70% of North American businesses admit they’ve suffered at least one project failure in the last 12 months1. More than 20% of small and mid-sized businesses fail in the first year, 50% fail before they make it to their fifth year2.

Companies that don’t effectively track time and projects lose $122-million for every $1-billion spent3.

In today’s competitive global marketplace, the difference between success and failure for your customers comes down to high-quality, accurate information. Organizations that accurately track time and projects waste 28-times less money than those organizations that don’t accurately manage their workforce resources and projects4. The stakes are undeniably high.

Your time tracking solutions are the secret weapon for businesses looking to collect precise data on their employees availability, time-to-completion statistics on key tasks, and accurate project management data. These solutions enable fast, thorough billing and invoicing, high return on investment (ROI) and better bottomline results. As a leading software supplier to human capital management (HCM) and workplace management decision-makers, you know how important it is to find the right partner for a range of data collection systems that offer enhanced employee and manager self-service features - and flexible, secure biometric and card reader options from fingerprint, pin, magnetic, barcode and proximity.

You know customers with an integrated, end-to-end time tracking solution have a distinct and powerful competitive advantage. Do you have the right solutions partner to make this a reality for your customers?

Your solutions are only as good as the human-centred hardware designs deployed to collect workforce information. That’s where ZKTeco comes in.

You know that some business decision-makers still believe in outdated myths and misconceptions about time tracking solutions. Let’s take on some of the biggest myths together, and find out how ZKTeco can help you supercharge your customer sales and deployments, and ensure your customers achieve a rapid return on investment (ROI) this year.

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MYTH: Time tracking solutions are expensive - There is no doubt about it, the hidden costs needed to manage customers’ workforce can extend well beyond your time clock. Upgrades, maintenance fees, integrations and development tools quickly add up, slowing down client ROI. At ZKTeco, we believe a premium time tracking solution should be affordable, which is why our architects and services team created the industry’s most cost-effective Time Clock solution used by small-to-medium (SMEs) and multinational Fortune 500 organizations. That means higher margins for your extended team and happier customers. When you partner with the largest developer and manufacturer of workforce data collection terminals in the world, your customers get time clock options that work with any industry application and any business requirement. You also get a partner that offers a free, unlimited guarantee on all of our clocks - with no hidden costs. We invest in long-term partnerships and deliver a high rate of return customers for your business. Unlike cheap imitations that mask hidden costs and higher total cost of ownership, a solution from ZKTeco is built on quality, reliability and proven value. That’s a promise your extended team can count on in even the most ambitious enterprise installs. No ‘one and done’ deployments at ZKTeco. We are there for you at every step of the way.

MYTH: Time tracking solutions are complicated - Providers that offer a one-size-fits-all approach to time tracking often mean slow sales cycles, implementation delays and integration challenges with legacy systems, leaving customers needing to pay for redundant features. Not with ZKTeco. We offer platform- and system-agnostic solutions designed to fit your client’s existing infrastructure - with full integration to enterprise resource planning (ERP) and HCM systems - resulting in an accelerated sales pipeline for your business and peace of mind for your client. ZKTeco also recognizes that the needs of your customers are constantly changing. We’ve been dedicated to evolving right along with the fast pace of customer needs and technological change. From simple, small implementations to multi-site, complex organizations with security and compliance requirements that enterprise customers demand, ZKTeco offers turn-key, customized solutions that fit your customer’s unique needs.

MYTH: Time tracking doesn’t support teams - You understand that effective time tracking, reporting and management can instill a sense of fairness and equity within workgroups, project teams and across entire organizations. ZKTeco gives your organization a way to deploy your HCM and workforce management in a way that diverse, distributed organizations can easily implement and use. We give your HCM solutions the reach and impact you need by providing customized hardware solutions that deploy your solution everywhere it needs to be - in organizations both big and small. You know that an accurate understanding of who’s doing what work and for how long can give both managers and team mates a real-time picture of a given project or operation, allowing leadership to adjust and plan for future projects, operational changes and/or team growth. With a precision Time Clock solution, there’s a sense of transparency and accountability, as well as an ability to ensure union and regulatory compliance. The result is a workforce that is confident and productive. ZKTeco delivers superior quality hardware, and a suite of software development tools and services that enable our partners to deliver the industry’s best workforce data collection systems. We are your competitive edge.

MYTH: Time tracking solutions don’t drive profits - You understand that profitability is supercharged thanks to a real-time, accurate picture of workforce resources. Our philosophy ensures that ZKTeco maintains a consistently high level of customer satisfaction and loyalty over the years. Our global customer base has seen the difference that accurate workforce tracking can make to their businesses recording rapid return on investment (ROI). ZKTeco is the world’s largest developer and manufacturer of Time Clock solutions globally. We currently have more than 500 workforce management partners, with more than 150 partners in the U.S. that are using ZK Time Clock/Workforce management Terminals. Think about what we can do for your extended sales and implementation teams.

Our partners know we are with them for the long-haul, no hidden costs, and none of the quality issues that plague other suppliers. ZKTeco has over 20 years of time management experience with a qualified and experienced team of business analysts, programmers, technical engineers, and a customer-focused U.S. support team. We are a leader in the Time Clock and HCM solutions market for a reason.

Find out more about how we can partner with you to succeed in today’s tough and competitive sales landscape. Now more than ever, you’ll want ZKTeco in your corner.

Cutting through the noise, breaking past the myths, ZKTeco is the solution partnership your organization needs to kickstart your success in the new year. Start a conversation with us and find a workforce management solution partner that lives up to the hype. Contact ZKTeco today.

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2019 – A year in Review and a peek at the decade ahead

ZKTeco would like to give thanks to all of our customers for yet another successful year. Together we have achieved so much: we have proudly partnered with many new clients; navigated them through successful implementations; and worked hard at delivering better-than-ever workforce data collection services to our existing clients.

This year was a great year for ZKTeco. By listening to our customers, we have improved our current solution – and made it even easier to implement and use. We have drive and desire to keep making improvements that make our customers happy. This year we migrated most of our clients to CirrusDCS and are looking to migrate the remaining clients by the end of Q1 2020. We've also worked on our Ultima time clock, a 7-inch touch-screen modular device that gives our customers self-service options like viewing, requesting vacation time, or sending a manager a message. We are proud to say that Ultima has proven to be successful and a new favorite for our customers.

Workday Rising Orlando was a great experience as always and we are proud to announce that this was our first time assisting Workday Rising Europe. More than 200 Workday end customers and prospects visited us and we’ve already added 4 new customers to the group.

We always look forward to the face-to-face conversations we get to have in Orlando – and were delighted with the new connections and potential customers we met in Europe. We got wonderful feedback on our Ultima terminal; which we're ecstatic about. We look forward to reconnecting with everyone at both events again next year.

ZKTeco had such a successful 2019 that we outgrew our original home office and are now settled in our bigger office. We’re proud to work alongside all the new faces added to our team over the year. Everyone is eager to help all of our current customers and ready to welcome and help new ones.

2019 Achievements

We proudly reflect on our achievements over the year, and the many ways we have helped our Partners and Workday Users. In 2019 we launched:

  • CirrusDCS – Next Generation Data collection service
  • Ultima – Next generation, Flexible Data Collection terminals
  • Time Track – Android Data collection app for Ultima
  • Integrated Multi-technology Card reader that can read 70+ card types. This makes life easy for software partners to handle multiple card read from single module.
  • Time Track application API - so partners can easily integrate a time clock to their host application

Here’s what else we did:

  • We helped a workforce management software provider successfully integrate school-industry software with our cloud-based Data collection service.
  • By enhancing features and further streamlining the implementation process for Workday customers, they happily saw a reduction in their overall time for implementation.
  • We completed one of the largest implementations of over 800 clocks.
  • Proudly sponsored Workday Rising – Orlando
  • Proudly exhibited at Workday Rising – Milan
  • Proudly exhibited at HR Tech – Las Vegas

A sneak peak at the year – and decade – ahead

Going into the New Year, you can expect big things from us. We’ll continue to enhance time-tracking features for Workday customers and expand the tools available to make integration easier for third-party and Workforce management partners. And our Ultima family will continue to grow, as we add 5 inch and 10-inch terminals, as well as multiple biometric options.

Without our customers, new and old - without each implementation being a unique experience (because let’s face it, all customers have different requirements), we wouldn't be as successful as we are today. We appreciate all of the business and the wonderful word-of-mouth recommendations that we have gotten thus far. We look forward to helping many more connections and customers, both old and new, as we head into the next decade of workforce management time and attendance.

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ZKTeco recognized by HR Tech Outlook magazine as TOP 10 HRMS Solution Provider for 2019

For many years, HRMS solutions have made the HR tasks seamless, effortless, and streamlined for the organizations. With shifting technologies and trends, businesses need to keep pace in order to reap the benefits of HRMS solutions.

The December 2019 edition of HR Tech Outlook features companies that are at the forefront of offering HRMS solutions. HR Tech Outlook’s editorial board has assessed and shortlisted some of the most prominent organizations in the industry that solve human resource management challenges by implementing the current technological trends in the space.

ZKTeco is honored to be included in the top 10. Our deep expertise in hardware, software and integration processes – combined with innovative product design and large-scale manufacturing capabilities – gives our partners and customers the most cost-effective, enterprise-class, Workday-certified products and development potential.

Read how ZKTeco simplifies workforce data collection in this issue of HR Technology Outlook

Want to learn how to do more with your workforce management solution?

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