Attestation for Risk Management

Workplace and employment laws place a heavy burden on employers. The risk posed by non-compliance with ever-changing laws and regulations governing wages and hours, workplace safety, healthcare and more, is significant. Beyond laws and regulations, employers often must abide by employee or union contracts and other internal employment requirements. Violating these laws, regulations, or contracts can result in penalties from the government or union and also law suits from your employees.

Manage internal compliance by using your organization’s time and attendance system attestation module. The attestation module allows employers to ask employees questions and can be used in any number of different ways. For example, employers may ask questions to verify the information in the employee’s time card, inquire about issues that may have occurred during the employee’s work day, and confirm an employee’s health.

These questions are asked in real-time and logged with essential time-stamp information. The contemporaneous attestation can be a vital piece of information that can help your business manage risk through identifying issues early and providing your management team time to remedy the problem. Since every employee must interact with the time and attendance device, this is a way to gather information from all employees on a consistent basis.

Case Study:

Here is a short example of how attestation can use a simple question to avoid a potential violation:

An employee returns from the lunch break and uses the ZKTeco Ultima device to punch back in. As the employee punches in, a question pops up asking

“Did your supervisor ask you to come back early from your break?”.

This seems to be a pretty innocuous question but there are important implications related to how many hours the employee is working, required breaks, etc.

If the employee selects “Yes, I was asked by my supervisor to return early”, the entry will be flagged and the CirrusDCS administrator or the employee’s supervisor will be able to audit the punch and attestation and determine what remedy should be applied, e.g., provide the employee with overtime.

Implementing an Attestation Questionnaire

ZKTeco’s Ultima timeclock device makes it easy to add attestation questions to your organization’s timekeeping process. The attestation module is dynamic, offering independent attestation for one-off questions or dependent attestation that asks a series of question. This module can meet any organization’s requirements. For those organizations not using the Ultima timeclock but using the CirrusDCS hosted service, attestation questions can be pushed to time clock devices through the hosted services.

Attestation and the COVID-19 Pandemic

The attestation module is particularly important during the COVID-19 pandemic. Employers must now ask employees to confirm that they feel well and other health-related questions before entering the workplace every day. For users of the Ultima device, this question can be built into the time punch process. This data can be critical should there be an outbreak requiring contact tracing.

Attestation and Your Organization

Use attestation questions and time and attendance software to help your organization control the risks associated with managing employees. Integrating the attestation questions into a timeclock device, like ZKTeco’s Ultima, will streamline the attestation process and provide your supervisors with the key real-time data needed to avoid running up against laws or other employer obligations.