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TimeTrack is a time clock and data collection application for the Android platform that provides our partners and customers with the features they need for accurate, real-time collection of data and rich self-service functionality.

Accurate, Reliable Timekeeping

Check In/Time Tracking

Employees can check in and check out for the day and log their time out for lunch or other breaks.

Meal Start/Job and Labor Tracking

Flexible and multiple level Job and Labor tracking to help optimize our workforce management operations.

Break Start/Department Transfer

Employee can transfer from one department/cost center to another by just selecting the new department/cost center.

Tip Entry

Employees in the hospitality industry are prompted to record earned tips as they check out, encouraging accurate and immediate labor cost reporting.

Shift Lockout

Restrict employee to Clock In early and Late Clock Out.

Meal or Break Lockout

Employees are prevented from working outside planned time, minimizing compliance risk.

Punch Time Rounding

Businesses can configure rounding rules to fit their specific attendance requirements, such as requiring employee punch time to be rounded in 15-minute segments or to the beginning of the shift.

Intuitive Employee Self-Service

Request Time Off

Employees can easily manage their personal time with a current view of their vacation accrual balance, and the ability to request time off with just a few taps.

View Accrual Balance

Employees can view the PTO plan, as well as their accrued, used and available PTO hours.

View Shift Schedule

Employees can view their current schedule at a glance from the terminal, with any changes made by their manager available in real-time.

View History Punch

Employees can view their weekly historical punch records directly from the terminal.

View Messages

Businesses can communicate in real-time with a single employee or the entire workforce through any time collection terminal.

Efficient and Convenient Manager Self-Service

View and Enroll Employee

Managers can easily view and edit current employee information. They can also enroll new employees in one terminal and instantly enable access throughout the entire building or campus.

Manage Labor/Job Codes

Managers can easily enter and manage labor data for their team members.

Review and Approve Team Time Sheet

Managers can electronically approve or deny employee timesheets.

Time Sheet Review and Approval

Employees can review and submit their timesheets for approval without logging into a computer.

View Employee Attendance Status (In/Out)

Managers can stay informed and control overtime costs with real-time monitoring of staff attendance.

Lockout Override

Managers can submit commands to unlock the shift schedule lockout to allow the employee to start work earlier or stay later than scheduled.

Password Management

Managers can create and change passwords from any time clock on the network without needing to log into a computer.

Message Management

Managers can send messages and updates to an individual staff member or to their entire team, reducing the need to spend valuable time in administrative meetings.

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