Automated, Accurate and Efficient Data Collection Service

Seamless and certified integration with Workday Workforce Management

Expand cirrusDCS Capabilities

Feature-Rich, Flexible Time Clocks

Powerful and Easy-to-Use Data Collection Terminal, Adaptable to Any Environment and Any Industry

7-inch touch screen

TFT high-resolution display with capacitive touch screen

Multiple Operating Systems

Android and Linux

Multiple Biometric and Card Reader Options

PIN, magnetic, barcode, fingerprint

High-Performance Device

Powerful processor with large memory capacity

Rich Imaging

2MP HD camera

Powerful Connectivity

Gigabit ethernet, enterprise dual band Wi-Fi

Flexible power options

Standard DC adapter, PoE+, backup battery

Adaptable Software

Time Clock Features for Any End User Application

TimeTrack Android application

Our TimeTrack Android application is modified to support functionality needed by Workday Time Tracking, and can be further customized to provide specific features needed for any business requirements.


  • Attendance and Multi-level Labor Data Collection
  • Employee Self-Service
  • Meet regulatory compliance

Workday Certified, Customer Approved.

Specifically built for and integrated with Workday Time Tracking, CirrusDCS cloud based software, automates and validates workforce data collected from a variety of time clocks designed to suit the unique needs of any company and industry.


Scalable, Reliable Architecture

Multi-tenant infrastructure that supports thoursands of timeclocks , while our multi-zone/region setup provides failover and redundancy capability. Our cloud-based hosting environment enables rapid horizontal scaling for immediate system deployment support and is monitored and managed 24x7.

At-a-Glance Dashboard
The CirrusDCS dashboard provides the modularized system with overall operation summary reports, including terminal connection status, daily employee update information from the workforce management system, and employee daily punch summary, giving support teams a clean, clear visualization of the system’s operational status.
Enterprise-Level Security

CirrusDCS utilizes Amazon AWS cloud-based security management and OWASP best practices to provide maximum security on system and data accountability, integrity and availability.

Remote Management
Support users can perform clock maintenance, troubleshoot issues, and conduct firmware and app upgrades centrally from the hosted system in real-time without the need to physically access each individual device.
Notifications & Alerts

A notification process running on the hosted system provides real-time communication to support teams whenever any integration failure, urgent issue or security alert occurs that requires immediate action.

Scheduled monitoring jobs are run on the hosted system to automatically monitor each clock’s operational status, and to notify support users when a clock goes online or offline, while visualization tools can be used to analyze clock performance such as availability history for each clock.

Streamlined Implementation Process

ZKTeco is with you every step of the way

Proven integration process that is carefully calibrated step-by-step with sound, structured approval and acceptance processes.

Why ZKTeco for Workday Workforce Management

The CirrusDCS Data Collection Service provides a rapid return on investment and the lowest operating cost in the market

Low operating cost

  • Lifetime hardware warranty
  • 50% Discount on hardware trade-ins
  • Software upgrades & bug fixes
  • Technical support
  • Infrastructure management

Rapid ROI

  • Workday-certified solution
  • Cloud-based, no infrastructure to manage
  • Lower development costs with streamlined implementation process
  • Cost-effective hardware
  • Increased labor cost efficiencies with feature-rich time clocks


Terminals by Category

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Fingerprint Scanner
Facial Recognition
Palmprint Recognition
A Wide Array of Standard Features Adaptable to Any Industry Need
Fingerprint Scanners
ULTIMA with fingerprint reader
S-905 with fingerprint reader
Fingerprint Scanners
US15 Series
uFACE 800
Fingerprint Scanners
uFace402 Plus
Facial Recognition
ULTIMA with Facial Recognition Module
ULTIMA with Facial Recognition Module + Infrared Thermometer
Facial Recognition
VF 300
uFACE 800
Facial Recognition
uFace401 Plus
Palm Print Recognition
uFace401 Plus
uFace402 Plus
MultiCard Readers
ULTIMA Baecode
MultiCard Readers
ULTIMA Magnetic Card Reader
US-905 Series
MultiCard Readers
US15 Series
US15 Series

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