Scary Stories to Tell Around the Water Cooler

With the Halloween season upon us, we wanted to share some scary stories that we at ZKTeco tell around the water cooler each year.

While these stories are certainly spine-tingling, there are easy ways to avoid becoming a character in your own time and attendance management scary story. If you have scary, spooky, or downright frightening stories to tell or if you want to avoid scary situations all together, reach out to ZKTeco today. We can design and implement a time and attendance solution for you in 90-days with the help of a highly-trained implementation specialist.

The Old-Fashioned Way. The darkness of night came quickly and a light mist hung in the air. Employees were wrapping up they work day, completing their paper timesheets which were stacking up for the lone worker remaining to enter the time punches into the system manually. The endless, heavy task of confirming and validating time fell on her shoulders. As the office emptied and darkness crept in, the feeling washed over her – will I be entering these timesheets forever? There must be a better way. Just then, the last worker in the office placed a timesheet on the pile. Nevermore, she thought to herself. As the pile of timesheets loomed over her, she thought “if I ever get through this pile, I am finding a better way” …

There is a better way. Implementing a time and attendance solution from ZKTeco is fast, easy, and affordable for your business. This story is scary but one many organizations face. Verifying timesheets, entering time by hand, and the risk of losing paper timesheets invites a lot of risk and the possibility of lost hours, which means lost money for your organization. Even if you have a computerized system, if it is not optimized to the work for your organization, the administrative burden and risk is too high. Speak with a ZKTeco representative today about solutions that can banish the scary pile of timesheets to the underworld forever.

Technical Difficulties. Joe walked down the blinding florescent light-filled hallway in search of the IT room, a place he knew about but had never been before. His steps caused a small squeak on the freshly mopped floor. He was alone in the building, the last person validating time for all the others. As he was uploading the time punch data from the timeclock device, the upload failed, sending a shiver down his spine as he rubbed his chin in frustration. “Not tonight!” Joe said out loud to no one. Now Joe was left to troubleshooting alone. He entered the IT room, and as the lights warmed up and came on, Joe gasped at the sight of stacks of computer hardware, whizzing and blinking, welcoming him in, but silently mocking him as he wandered the room looking for some idea of what to do to reset the timeclock server. As the frustration washed over him, the door softly clicked shut behind him...

Many of us have faced the same situation Joe faced but this situation is avoidable. ZKTeco’s workforce management solutions can keep Joe and others from ever needing to venture into the IT room. Ultima timeclocks operate cloud-based software, CirrusDCS, that only requires access to your organization’s Wi-Fi or ethernet network. There is no need to hardwire the connection to the server. The data from the timeclocks would flow in real-time into the organization’s Workday or other workforce management software for Joe to process. Finally, ZKTeco’s support team is ready to answer the call to help troubleshoot issues with Joe – no more lonely walks to the IT room or resetting servers.

That Uneasy Feeling. As Jane walked into the office, she felt the stares on her back. She instinctively touched her hair and smoothed out her shirt. “Does something not look right?” she thought to herself. Now that she was thinking about it, something didn’t feel right, like she had forgotten her homework in middle school, giving her an uneasy feeling in the pit of her stomach. As she approached the ZKTeco Ultima timeclock and looked into the camera to punch in for the day, a bright warning flashed on the screen and she realized her mistake. She wasn’t wearing a mask! She quickly ran back to her car to retrieve her mask as the nervousness disappeared. There was a lot to remember and she was glad to be reminded before entering her workspace.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have all felt like Jane. New routines and requirements are tough to always remember. ZKTeco’s Ultima timeclock makes it easy to remind employees to have their mask on as they enter your workplace. Manage risk within your business by using technologies like those built into the Ultima device.

This Halloween, don’t let timekeeping spook you. While ZKTeco offers so many helpful options for your organization to choose from it may feel like you are in another scary story, fear not! ZKTeco is here to help with implementation experts who can guide you through the entire design and implementation process so you can focus on the trick-or-treating, candy corn, costumes, pumpkin carving, and stories of ghosts, werewolves, vampires, and headless horsemen this Halloween.