Making Connections – Timeclock Devices Every IT Professional Will Love

Choosing a timeclock device for your business can be complicated. Between devices features, connectivity capabilities, software integration, security, installation options, there is a lot to consider. For IT professionals, identifying a timeclock device that easily integrates into your existing network is a high priority. ZKTeco’s Ultima Series time and attendance terminals are designed to provide all the features your users need with the technical elements required to safely and easily integrate with your existing systems.

Here, there, everywhere

The Ultima devices offer a number of connectivity and power options that make installation in your business easy and requires minimal preparation. All devices run ZKTeco’s SaaS CirrusDCS middleware hosted service to collect employee punch data. To connect to the CirrusDCS, devices must be on your business’s internet network. To provide connection options, all Ultima devices are equipped with both an ethernet port compatible that work with Cat5 or Cat6 ethernet cables and WiFi capabilities and can be used effectively with either connection method.

Location, Location, Location

Powering your timeclock device and connecting to the business’s IT networks are oftentimes the most important considerations in determining the location for installing the device in your facility. In addition to internet connectivity options, Ultima devices are PoE-capable, providing another option for powering your device. If your business uses a PoE switch, connecting the Ultima device will require just one hard wire connection, keeping installation simple and allowing for flexibility with where you site the device.

Securing Employee Data

Data security and privacy are a top concern when handling employee data, especially when handling employee biometric data. Employee time punch data remains secure as it moves from the timeclock device through the CirrusDCS to WorkDay or whatever third-party software your business runs. The Ultima timeclock is compliant with all data safety and security protocols, so you never need to worry about the safety of your employees’ data.

Connect from Anywhere

The Ultima timeclock device is designed with maximum flexibility in mind and this is true with the device’s Android-based operating system, CirrusDCS. The CirrusDCS middleware SaaS application can connect to any third-party workforce management software through the CirrusDCS API. This means that your business can install the Ultima device anywhere in the world and still connect seamlessly with your workforce management system. Many customers utilize Ultima’s flexibility and connectivity options to manage their teams across the globe.

The Ultima timeclock device has the features and flexibility your business needs and can help simplify the timeclock procurement process. Ultima has the features your business needs and the technical options your IT team requires. Whether you are a small business with one location, medical facility with a complex IT network, or a large business with facilities in multiple countries, ZKTeco’s Ultima timeclock is the custom solution you need to help you manage your employees.