SEPTEMBER 12th, 2022

ZKTeco introduces a re-imagined, technologically advanced Ultima Series 2 Time clocks

Piscataway, NJ- September 12th, 2022- ZKTeco, the renowned manufacturer and developer of workforce data collection solutions introduces its newly reimagined Ultima Series 2, featuring 5, 7, and 10-inch time clocks with visible light facial and palm biometric technology.

The industrial strength, Ultima Series 2 is designed to usher in a new era for the modern workforce. The 5, 7, and 10-inch time clock models offer a crisp, high-resolution touchscreen display, various communication options such as Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and 4G*, and flexible power options. It has a built-in camera and several biometric options such as fingerprint, new visible light facial and palm biometric technology, and a variety of card reader options like proximity, smart card, magnetic, and barcode. The built-in speaker, microphones, and interactive LED lights are designed to achieve an interactive user experience.

“Our workforce management software partners were looking for a flexible, secured, reliable, and powerful Android-based product line equipped with different screen sizes and multiple biometric and card reader technologies that could be easy to integrate with their time and attendance and workforce management software. We listened and created the Ultima Series 2 to meet those specific needs while enhancing our Android Time Track application and consolidating our software development tools to ensure product longevity, bring their solution to the market faster, reduce development time and increase profit margins, said Jaimin Shah, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), ZKTeco Workforce Management.

Each time clock in this series is equipped with an Android operating system to provide flexibility in device application and allow ZKTeco’s partners to take full control of the development process using familiar tools and frameworks. ZKTeco provides a variety of development tools and branding options for software partners who want to customize time clocks to suit their needs for their solution offering.

The Ultima Series 2 is available today and the company’s product team will host a live demonstration from September 13th to the 16th in Booth # 507 HR Tech in Mandala Bay, Las Vegas.

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Founded in 2007, ZKTeco is the world’s renowned manufacturer and developer of Workforce data collection solutions globally, supporting over 150-time attendance and workforce software partners in the US. ZKTeco’s innovative product design, large-scale manufacturing capabilities, full-featured timeclock software and consolidated software development tools and services enable partners to increase margin with their time attendance and workforce software solution offering.

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