Time Clock Product Support

We value the relationships we have with our partners, and remain committed to their ongoing success!
We are pleased to support new partners through their host integration and test processes -- when completed, we ask that partners requesting technical support observe the following procedures.

  • For partners with specific technical support portals -- the partner’s key technical contact assigned to our relationship should enter tickets.
  • Our partner always provides Tier 1 technical support to their customers. If the partner determines that a problem has been identified in operation of the time clock, then that problem (with as much information as can be provided) should be escalated using the technical support portal by the partner company’s technical contact.
  • ZKTeco software management processes require that all partners have signed the software release form. This form identifies, and shows approval for, the accepted software version levels to be installed on all products in their orders/shipments.
  • General SLA: we attempt to service all incoming technical issues on a 4-hr SLA. This 4-hour period is for a response -- not a resolution.  When reaching out to us, we ask that you:
    • Identify the product type
    • Identify the device by serial number
    • Provide as much information as possible regarding attempts to diagnose the problem at the Tier 1 level.