Workday Customer Support

ZKTeco provides support to our Workday customers based on SLAs that are part of a contracted service covering the time clocks and the CirrusDCS middleware. As a contracted customer covered by an SLA, ZKTeco makes a portal available for direct entry of customer support tickets as needed.  If you are a current Workday-ZKTeco customer, please contact your internal sales support representative should you have any question about how to use the portal.

Although the SLA is covered as part of the agreement, please contact your ZKTeco Workday account representative for a complete document describing the SLA we offer for the CirrusDCS if it is not available to your internal technical support team. The document goes into greater detail than what is covered in this summary.

  • The SLA is intended to cover incidents over which ZKTeco has an ability to control, or are under our control. As such, external events beyond our control cannot be covered by this agreement.
  • The SLA describes uptime considerations, and will issue service credits if uptimes are not met.
    • This approach will be the only method for the customer to be compensated for loss of uptime.
    • The full agreement includes a calculation methodology indicating how ZKTeco arrives at uptime determinations.
  • We have created internal severity levels identifying issues should they occur.
    • P0 (Critical): employee data collection stops, and the time clocks are inaccessible.
      • 1-hour response; status update every 4 hours
    • P1 (High): significant impact on the employee data collection; system functions but at a significantly reduced capacity.
      • 4-hour response; status update 2 times per day
    • P2 (Medium): some functionality loss; system remains usable, but does not provide expected functionality
      • 8-hour response; status update daily
    • P3 (Low): general CirrusDCS usage questions, use of the time clocks, or feature requests; No performance impact.
      • 2-day response via email; status update weekly