Cleaning Your Clock – Keeping Your Time Clock Device Germ-Free

Timeclock devices are, by their nature, one of the highest-touch areas of your business. It is critical that this device is kept sanitized at all times to prevent the spread of disease within the workplace. Whether your business has protocols for cleaning time clocks, or you need assistance with developing best-practices for sanitizing your timeclock, ZKTeco is here to help with solutions to ensure your business remains safe and healthy.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has caused businesses across all industries to examine their sanitation practices. State and local health authorities in most areas have developed protocols for keeping businesses safe, but each business should develop its own tailored set of best practices. To help develop best-practices for your business ZKTeco has developed options for keeping your timeclocks clean and sanitized.

Wipe on, wipe off

Timeclock devices can be cleaned with approved cleaning products and a soft cloth, like a microfiber cloth. Before and after each employee uses the device, he or she should wipe the device with a wet cloth and then use a dry cloth to remove any remaining cleaning product on the device. Be careful to not over saturate the cloth or the device and fully dry the device during this cleaning process, removing excess moisture. While this cleaning method is nothing fancy, this method is effective and quick.

Frozen screen… on purpose

ZKTeco’s Ultima timeclock is equipped with a new feature that freezes the device’s screen for thirty seconds so users can wipe the device without having to avoid inadvertently pushing buttons. The user should press the button on the bottom left of the screen which will freeze the screen. Users should use this freeze option to clean the device before and after using the device. This protects the user and anyone who may use the device later on. This feature is exclusive to the Ultima Clock series.

Other ways to keep clean

A key element of a health and safety plan is that the plan fits your business needs. There is no one-size-fits-all plan that will work for every business. For this reason, ZKTeco has suggestions on other ways to keep safe while using your timeclock. Some businesses have opted to use disposable finger cots or finger coverings. Other businesses use a stylus for interacting with the time clock, which allows users to make selections on the device without physically touching the device at all. In some cases, businesses have found that a completely touchless device that relies on facial recognition functionality is the best fit. ZKTeco’s Ultima device can be configured for whatever options are the best fit for your business.

To keep your employees healthy and safe, you need options, and ZKTeco is ready to work with you to develop a workforce management solution and safety protocols built around what your business needs.

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