Timeclock solutions for the “New Normal”

Workplace operations are changing faster than ever before in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Businesses must take new precautions to protect the health and safety of their employees, customers, vendors, and anyone else who may interact with their personnel and facilities. ZKTeco has the solutions needed to meet the challenge posed by the pandemic to ensure business continuity with a focus on health and safety. Workforce management solutions can play a central role in business operations and employee safety and wellness. ZKTeco stands ready to assist your business with all of your workforce management solutions needs.

The pandemic has caused us all to reexamine even the most basic processes in our businesses. In this new-normal, timeclock devices for workforce management have become even more essential to business operations as employers seek to capture time and attendance data and also ensure that employees are healthy and complying with health and safety regulations. In addition to time punch data, timeclocks can serve multiple purposes in a workplace including capturing an employee’s body temperature and identifying if he or she is wearing a mask. The new normal is requiring business to rethink their operations and timeclock terminals can serve as a central element of this new normal workplace environment.

Timeclocks are a high-touch area of a business and one of the most shared devices in the workplace with every employee interacting with the timeclock terminal during their workday. Employers increasingly expect that timeclock devices keep their workplaces safe while delivering the same timekeeping functionality essential to business operations. ZKTeco’s Ultima timeclock is a cost-effective device that packs all of this essential functionality into a single terminal, meeting the demanding requirements of your business.

In the new normal, businesses need flexibility and customized support. The Ultima timeclock is built with the required functionality and flexibility and can be configured to meet any requirements.

  • Many businesses utilize a timeclock terminal in their facility that requires physical interaction with the device. Common features like fingerprint scanners are no longer the best option in this new normal environment, due to sanitation concerns. As businesses look to upgrade their timeclock terminals, finding a terminal that provides many customizable options is critical to provide maximum flexibility as workplace safety demands change over time. ZKTeco’s Ultima provides employers with choices on how to manage their employees and in this new normal world, choice and flexibility has never been more important.
  • The new normal demands that employers rethink how to utilize touchless punch technology like employee identification cards. Whether a business wishes to use a barcode, a RIFD chip-based cards, or a magnetic strip swipe card, Ultima is able to accommodate all requirements.
  • Ultima also supports biometric technologies, like facial recognition that can identify employees even while wearing a mask and reduce employee physical contact with the timeclock terminal. In this new normal environment, many businesses are exploring biometrics technologies as a secure and safe option for touchless time clock interactions. *
  • In addition to biometric technology, Ultima is equipped with thermal scanning technology that can determine an employee’s temperate and identify those who may be ill as a part of the employee time punch process. In many businesses, the task of taking employee temperatures is manual. With the Ultima terminal, this task is made safer and more efficient, removing the close personal interaction required to take another person’s temperature. *

The new normal has presented a lot of new challenges for businesses and employees. As workplaces adjust to meet these challenges, technologies like ZKTeco’s Ultima are available to help. This new normal environment requires businesses to be flexible and adaptive as the rules for operating businesses in different industries change. Ultima is the market-leader in flexibility, configurability, and can be integrated into any businesses’ workplace management system.

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* While exploring this option, businesses will need to consider state regulations to ensure compliance with all regulations and notice requirements.